ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus

What is ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus?

ALIVE Once Daily Women's 50 PlusYou wish you felt alive.  You’re more dead lately.  No energy, poor focus, problems digesting your once favorite foods, weight gain. 

That’s the trouble with getting older.  You feel the same as you did when you were twenty, but you’re body isn’t cooperating.  It pretty much stinks.

Well, you can either give up and start planning your viewing, or you can search out ways to improve your health.  And a good multivitamin that covers all your nutritional needs is a great start. 

Over fifties have different needs.  You must look after your immune system–repairing cellular damage caused by years of UV damage, poor diet and general wear and tear, your bones definitely need some help–they’ve held you up for a while now, and your memory isn’t what it used to be.

ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus wants to address those issues.  This one-a-day “whole food” supplement offers:

  • Extra B-vitamins for energy
  • 1,000 IU of vitamin D-3 for bone health and breast support
  • Plant-based Aquamin® calcium-for healthy bones and teeth
  • Potent citrus bioflavanoids-antioxidant support
  • Flax Lignan, CranRx™ and Mind & Body Energy support blends
  • Vitamin D-3 and vitamin K for bone health and calcium metabolism
  • 250 mcg Chromium for blood sugar regulation and appetite control

Because you’re not ready for the knackers yard yet.  You’ve got years of “roaring” to do!

What’s in ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus?

ALIVE contains a comprehensive list of all your daily vitamins and minerals–most in effective dose–but not all.  It also offers a whole host of “proprietary blends.”  Here they are:

  • Orchard Fruits Blend 30 mgincluding–Pomegranate (seed), açai extract (whole palm fruit), juice powders, grape, plum, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, bilberry, cherry, apricot, papaya, orange, pineapple.
  • Garden Veggie™ Juice Powder Blend 30 mgincluding–Parsley, kale, spinach, wheat grass, brussels sprout, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, beet, carrot, cabbage, garlic 
  • Mind & Body Energy Blend 30 mgincluding–Ginkgo biloba extract (leaf), Siberian eleuthero (root), rhodiola rosea extract (root standardized to 3% rosavins and 1% salidroside, Korean ginseng (root), gotu kola (stem, leaf) 
  • Cardiovascular Blend with Resveratrol 20 mgincluding–Hawthorn (berry), Japanese knotweed standardized to 50% resveratrol, coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) 
  • CranRx™ Urinary Anti-Adherence 100% Whole Cranberry 20 mgincluding–fruit solids (Early Black variety) standardized to PACs (proanthocyanidis) 20 mg 
  • Flax Lignan Blend with SDG Lignans 20 mgincluding–high lignan flax fiber (seed), flax lignan extract (seed hulls) standardized to 20% secoisolariciresinol digycoside (SDG) lignan 
  • Green Food/Spirulina Blend 20 mgincluding–Spirulina (microalgae), kelp/bladderwrack (whole thallus), alfalfa (leaf, stem), barley grass (grass), dandelion (leaf), wheat grass )grass), melissa (leaf), lemon grass (grass), nettle (leaf), blessed thistle (stem, leaf, flower), chlorella (broken-cell microalgae), plantain (leaf), blue grass algae (microalgae), cilantro (leaf)

Here’s what I like–consumers cite feeling more energy using this multivitamin, and even control over their appetite! 

Here’s what I don’t like–the blend dosages are extremely LOW and contain so many individual ingredients you have to know you’re receiving nowhere near enough for them to be effective. 

Also, aging women need CALCIUM. Calcium is essential in the prevention of osteoporosis and aids against bone shrinkage.  You need 1500 mg of calcium a day.  In ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus you’re only receiving 200 mg.  You do the math.

Is ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus Safe?

Yes–but in the unlikely event that you’re pregnant or nursing (saint’s preserve us), please consult your physician before using ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus.


ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus is just an “okay” multivitamin.  It’s cheap at around $13.55 for a two-month (60-day) supply, but you’ll have to supplement extra calcium–which kind of defeats the purpose. 

Bottom line–there are far better wholefood multis out there.  Review our top-rated multivitamins and you’ll get an idea of what you’re missing if you do purchase ALIVE Once Daily Women’s 50 Plus. 

And wake-up!  Life is good–and help is on its way!

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